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Nourished Nest

Nourished Nest was born in January 2017 when three sisters made the decision to follow their dream to work together setting up a business in which all three could follow their own goals. Whilst each sister has a different background, we all have the one same passion for supporting women and their families during their pregnancy, birth and parenting journey. At Nourished Nest we are strong advocates of the outlook that is takes a whole village to raise a child.

Nourished Nest has joined with HypnoBirthing® International to provide HypnoBirthing® classes teaching the Mongan Method. Steffi takes on the primary role of providing the HypnoBirthing® sessions, which are backed Internationally by the HypnoBirthing® Institute. Steffi uses her extensive knowledge and skills as a Registered Midwife and Paramedic to provide women and their birthing companions a high standard of Childbirth Education Classes. Louanna is an Exercise Physiologist who can assist women in developing exercise programs to assist in physical preparation for pregnancy and birth. Jess is the lady growing our Nourished Nest community through networking with other Health Professionals and Women’s Health Services so that we can provide women and their families with a thorough pregnancy directory. Jess keeps our online network up to date and recent to support women and their families through current research, helpful tips, birthing videos, affirmations and more.

Meet the Nourished Nest Family


Steffi Hacket

Child Birth Educator


Louanna Hacket

Exercise Physiologist


Jess Wood

Products & Advertising