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Jess Wood is a mama to three gorgeous children. Jess uses her own HypnoBirthing® experience to provide an online support system through social media – including both Facebook and Instagram. Jess is the lady who organises the lovely range of wonderful pregnancy and birthing products available for purchase. These products have been carefully selected with supporting the mother along her pregnancy/birthing/parenting journey as the focus.

Jess' birth story

The Birth of Ivy Lee Wood
Ivy Lee Wood

It all started Thursday night around 6pm. I was 40+8 and had decided on a stretch and sweep that morning. Luke, my husband helped me get our kids to bed, and I decided to call my mum & dad to pick up them up because I had a fairly good feeling I would be birthing in the not so distant future.

Steffi had visited that afternoon and we did some acupressure, massage and rebozo sifts to encourage bubs into a good position. I sent Luke to bed to get some sleep and I had a shower. Steffi stayed the night and I got a couple of hours sleep between surges that weren’t picking up speed or intensity, but strong enough to keep me from doing too much. Steffi helped to keep me calm and relaxed with more massage, and we listened to my relaxation music between short naps.

Steffi stayed until about 10am on Friday morning. I was still getting fairly strong waves that weren’t going anywhere. I didn’t feel like eating a whole heap but I knew I needed to keep my energy up so I had a light breakfast and lunch. We watched a bit of TV and I pottered around the house. I started to get a bit frustrated, my surges were stopping me from doing things but weren’t progressing enough to get into full birthing mode. Luke & I decided to go for a walk around the block to clear my head and do something. We got back around 4:30ish and then things started to progress a bit (finally!) I hadn’t really kept track of timing my surges, but we decided to start because I really wanted to know how I was progressing. We timed then for about 1 hour and then stopped when we knew they were getting stronger. Luke started to give me massage, some acupressure on my lower back, and I started to get into the zone with the Rainbow Relaxation. I walked around a little bit, and mainly used the fit ball. I had a really strong surge around 7:30pm, and I felt bubs drop a fair bit. This made me feel like I needed to start thinking about getting to the Birthing Centre. Surges did ease a bit after the strong one, but then amped up again. I rang the hospital around 7.30ish, and we left home probably around 8pm.

My Midwife Andrea was on her way in and my Student Midwife Jen was also leaving to meet us at the Birthing Centre. By the time we got in, it was about 9:00ish. I decided I wanted an internal so I knew where I was at, even though I didn’t want one in my birth plan. I had been having surges for quite a while, I was needing reassurance that I was progressing. I was 5cm opened. Luke went and got my stuff from the car and Andrea had already started running the bath. I sat on the fit ball and Luke continued to rub my back for me. He set up my lights and affirmation cards in the bath and sorted the music, and Andrea dimed the lights. Jen checked my observations and bubs heart, which was initially difficult to find but we got there in the end. All was going smoothly and as planned.

I decided to get into the bath at about 9:30ish. Luke sat with me and made sure I was staying hydrated and keeping my breathing on track. It was wonderful to labour in water, it was very calming and relieving, and helped me to relax between surges. Things were progressing well, after a good hour of surges in the water my membranes finally released. It seemed like a lot longer, but bubs came earth side about three minutes after. I controlled my breathing really well thanks to Luke’s prompts. I felt the urge to push, so I did, but I maintained my breathing while bearing down and I stayed completely in control. Andrea and Luke caught Ivy and passed her to me under my belly then Luke and I lifted her out of the water together. It was so good to be able to hold her close and focus on her without any distractions. We waited for the cord to completely stop pulsing and Luke cut Ivy’s cord. She had her first feed and Luke took her for some skin to skin cuddles. Andrea and Jen helped me out of the bath and I got on the bed to birth the placenta. I really struggled to push it out, finally coming out after a good hour.

I was in labour for almost 30 hours. My Birth Companion, my relaxation practice, essential oils, affirmations, massage, music and meditation, (I actually fell asleep driving into the hospital in between surges!) all helped me to stay calm, cool and in control. I had so much energy post birth compared to my shorter previous labours. I felt so empowered after the birth of Ivy. I made all of my birth decisions myself and worked hard preparing myself for an amazing birth. My two prior births were very much ‘go with the flow,’ both resulting in tears, cuts & stitches. I was so happy to leave birth number three with an intact perineum!

I cannot recommend HypnoBirthing® enough. It gave me the knowledge of how the birthing body works, the tools to know how to work with my body and my baby as one, I was able to own my surges, understand exactly what was happening, rather than just ‘distracting’ myself from what was happening. It helped my partner know exactly what his role was, and we worked as a team with my amazing Midwives (they were such an awesome support and I cannot stress the importance of continuity of care & finding a care provider who is completely on board with your birth choices.) My husband and I both came away from our birth feeling empowered and satisfied that we had put in the work and preparation that meant we had that amazing birth that every woman deserves, and we will be forever thankful for those who supported us along our journey.

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